Illumio-founder-CEO-Any-RubinFounded by WashU alum Andy Rubin (BSBA, ’98), enterprise startup Illumio fast-tracked its way to unicorn status a mere six months after coming out of stealth mode, and 27 months after it raised its first seed round. From Business Insider:

“Investors were so stoked about Illumio that the company raised $42.5 million before it even came out of stealth mode, and from a who’s who of investors including CEO Marc Benioff, Yahoo founder Jerry Yang, Box’s CEO Aaron Levie, Andreessen Horowitz’s Ben Horowitz, Joe Lonsdale, Matthew Ocko of Data Collective and Steve Herrod, an early VMware employee turned VC for General Catalyst Partners.”

Illumio provides application security. This is not new, but while most corporate security focuses on keeping intruders out, Illumio’s innovation is to protect apps inside the network. Morgan Stanley was one of its first major public customers, and according to Rubin, the company has since landed big customers in every industry. Illumio has also announced a partnership with F5 Networks.

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