Washington University in St. Louis invites you to invest your time, treasure and talents in the entrepreneurs and innovators at the university. Our students, faculty and resource centers are eager to learn from your expertise and benefit from your support.

Share your experience, advice or story

There are many ways your expertise can benefit the WashU community, such as speaking to a group of students, presenting in a class or facilitating entrepreneurial projects. Contact us to learn about current opportunities, propose your idea, or share your story of innovation or entrepreneurship with the university community.

Support the Skandalaris Center National Council

The Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurship National Council advises the Skandalaris Center on the implementation of the expansive entrepreneurship initiative to which the university is committed. The Council includes entrepreneurs from St. Louis and across the nation and meets twice annually. Council members critique plans and add their creative ideas to further develop the program, to enhance and expand its impact.

Support the Skandalaris Center

The Skandalaris Center, while an integral part of Washington University, is responsible for its own financial support and relies heavily upon generous donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. As a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the center falls under the university’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Partner with the BALSA Consulting Group

BALSA is a student-led strategic consulting firm founded and led by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. It is a platform for St. Louis-based companies to access talented graduate students, postdocs and young professionals for focused, data-driven consulting projects. BALSA works with startups, growth-stage companies and established corporations.