PhantomWorks Ventures and the Skandalaris Center have teamed up to mentor a patent translation/commercialization challenge based on Boeing intellectual property – 50 categories of patents have been selected for highest commercialization potential by WUSTL undergraduate, graduate & professional students, and faculty*

Boeing and WashU are pleased to announce the following six teams will be moving on to the Boeing Patent Challenge finals event on Thursday, December 3rd:

In Alphabetical order, the teams and their product:

A-Team: “Horus redirects Boeing’s satellite Hyperspectral Imaging technology (“HSI”) inward to visualize previously unseen cancer biomarkers in real time to reduce cost, risk, and complications associated with cancer diagnostics.”

[m]brace: “[m]brace is an adhesive tracking device that reports real time information about people’s alcohol intake levels.”

Nano Syntech: “Nano Syntech produces self-sustaining power within wearable technology through proprietary material systems designed to continuously and autonomously charge wearable devices and reduce charging frequency.”

OASIS: “Oasis is a software middleware firm specializing in virtual reality (VR) eye tracking technology that helps the end user by preventing nausea, especially in long term use, via personalized image projections and benefits the VR device maker by accumulating user attention data for potential marketing applications.”

PerfecTemp: “PerfecTemp develops and produces a high-end modular insulation—primarily for use in clothing—that dynamically adjusts thermal properties to provide maximum comfort to the user over a broad range of ambient temperatures.”

VLMVM: “StentIT allows for effective and rapid internal monitoring of stents’ structural integrity without costly imaging modalities.”

In addition, the Skandalaris Center would like to recognize an additional team for exceptional effort, performance, and improvement throughout the competition: Team 666.

Reap the REWARDS

  • Finalists will receive an opportunity to present their venture concept to Boeing executives
  • A total of $5000 will be available to the top 3 teams, as well as an opportunity to roll forward with their idea (with the permission of Boeing)

Learn more at the Skandalaris Center.

Boeing Final-Portrait[1]

*WUSTL faculty may participate in challenge in advisory capacity only, and do not qualify for any