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OTM 2nd Annual Celebration of Inventors

Washington University in St. Louis is a place where scientific discoveries in the lab transform into advances that have the potential to change lives. The university is committed…

The Trailblazer: Nancy Tye-Murray

Nancy Tye-Murray, PhD, is the first female faculty member at WashU to found a startup. Her company, clEAR, helps people with hearing loss to better recognize and understand speech through training that uses their loved ones’ voices.

The Discoverer: Lan Yang

Meet Lan Yang. At 14, she was so committed to becoming a scientist, she went on a hunger strike. The photonics researcher now holds the most patents and disclosures of any female faculty member at WashU.

The Researchers: Battling deadly TB

Christina Stallings, PhD, Shabaana Abdul Khader, PhD, and Jennifer Philips, MD, PhD, are on the front lines of the battle to stop the world’s deadliest bacteria. Between them, they hold eight patents related to TB research.

Physician and researcher Dr. Audrey stands with her arms crossed wearing a white lab coat emblazoned with the logo of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

The Fighter: Audrey Odom John

Audrey Odom John, MD, PhD, is on a mission to fight the spread of infectious diseases like malaria through better, faster, more nimble diagnostic tools.