The High Risers

These WashU alumnae have reached dizzying heights of success in fashion, tech, media and design. With high-profile clients, an unending stream of accolades and jawdropping funding rounds, they’ve risen fast and far — most before the age of thirty.

Atima Lui, founder of Nudest, addesses WashU students at a fireside chat at the HER Summit

The Redefiner: Atima Lui

In this Q&A, WashU alum Atima Lui discusses her philosophy, principles and how women can continue to make strides in the entrepreneurship and innovation fields.

A turquoise suitcase against a turquoise background

WashU alum’s app Let’s Roam connects people and places

Olin alum Mike Harding’s passion for entrepreneurship inspired him to collaborate with his brother, Charlie, to develop Let’s Roam, a scavenger-hunt tour company that unites participants through travel and collaborative problem solving.