Portrait of GiftAMeal founder Andrew Glanz

GiftAMeal vies for Startup of the Year at SXSW

Yesterday in Austin, Texas, twenty-five startups competed to be Startup of the Year at an annual competition at South by Southwest (SXSW). A familiar name was among them: GiftAMeal, founded by WashU alum Andrew Glanz. Glantz founded GiftAMeal in 2014 while he…

The High Risers

These WashU alumnae have reached dizzying heights of success in fashion, tech, media and design. With high-profile clients, an unending stream of accolades and jawdropping funding rounds, they’ve risen fast and far — most before the age of thirty.

Atima Lui, founder of Nudest, addesses WashU students at a fireside chat at the HER Summit

The Redefiner: Atima Lui

In this Q&A, WashU alum Atima Lui discusses her philosophy, principles and how women can continue to make strides in the entrepreneurship and innovation fields.