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An engineer’s biomedical innovation earns him a Skandy Award

Jeff Chininis is the recent winner of Honors in Entrepreneurship at the 2018 Skandy Awards. 

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Chininis graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in May with a master’s degree in engineering in biomedical innovation. He has been co-developing a device called the LIVO (Laparoscopic Intra-Organ Vessel Occluder). The LIVO’s purpose is to better control bleeding in liver surgery, making the surgery safer and hopefully available to more patients with liver cancer.

Chininis co-founded LIVO with Chet Hammill, MD, hepatobiliary (pancreas, liver, bile duct) surgeon at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Dr. Hammill identified the need for a way to better control patient bleeding in liver surgery, especially laparoscopic liver surgery, and needed someone with engineering expertise to help develop his idea. For Chininis, who had always been interested in entrepreneurship, working with Dr. Hammill to develop the LIVO was a perfect opportunity.

The School of Engineering and Applied Science interviewed him recently about this work, which earned him the recognition.

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