Olin Business School’s Clifford Holekamp has been named one of 100 leading professors for entrepreneurship worldwide.

From Hot Topics:

Those on the list were nominated by tech executives, entrepreneurs and investors from the Hot Topics community and had to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have worked within a Tier 1 university or business school
  • Have helped shape the direction of formal entrepreneurship learning globally
  • Have had articles of significant impact around the subject of entrepreneurship published in academic journals

The goal of entrepreneurial study is to create world-changing companies. Something in no short supply on this list, unicorns have been created under the tutelage of some of these 100 top professors of entrepreneurship.

And those featured have unquestionably contributed to the entrepreneurial revolution, teaching entrepreneurship formally to those changing the world.

Read the article and see the full list at Hot Topics.