Dreambuilders 4 Equity recently was featured in the St. Louis American.

Congratulations to local social entrepreneurship group, Dream Builders 4 Equity, winners of Washington University’s Social Enterprise Innovation Competition!

Michael Woods and Neal Richardson, co-founders of Dream Builders 4 Equity, standing outside against a wrought iron fence.
Michael Woods and Neal Richardson are co-founders of Dream Builders 4 Equity. Photo from the St. Louis American used with permission.

As a winner of the Social Enterprise Innovation Competition (SEIC), Dream Builders 4 Equity will participate in an intense one-year entrepreneurship support program.

Working under the mission that equitable opportunities are paramount for youth to realize their highest potential, Dream Builders 4 Equity (DB4E) provides at-risk youth with access to a diverse and broad set of assets through mentorship, entrepreneurship scholarship, and leadership training.  DB4E  aims to provide its participants with the opportunity to attain financial ownership in real estate located in low-income, highly distressed communities.

As recipients of the award, DB4E will have access to structured workshops, community mentors, and SEIC staff, as well as the opportunity to be matched with graduate-level interns from Washington University, and opportunities to receive small amounts of investment during the year.

The Social Enterprise Innovation Competition is presented in partnership with Skandalaris Center and the Brown School. The SEIC is open to all, including Washington University current students, postdocs, and recent graduates, as well as community entrepreneurs.

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