Olin Business School will present a seminar, “The Value of Values for Founders and Entrepreneurs, “September 20, 4-6pm, Emerson Auditorium in Knight Hall.

The event is part of their and Values and Leadership Series and is presented in partnership with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Bauer Leadership Center and Washington University’s Executive MBA program.

Entrepreneurs sometimes think “values” and “culture” are issues they’ll get to once they stop worrying about how to keep the lights on. But if values are not clearly articulated and firmly defended from a venture’s earliest days, founders have little chance of creating companies that embody their most deeply-held values. The seminar will consider the role and importance of values in entrepreneurship and explore the ongoing challenge of standing firm on them when faced with intense growth pressures.

Joe Edwards, Owner-Developer, Blueberry Hill, The Loop
Jennifer Labit, Founder and CEO, Cotton Babies, Executive MBA Alumna
Brian Matthews, Co-Founder and General Partner, Cultivation Capital
Aaron Perlut, Partner, Elasticity
Andrea (Andi) Simon, Ph.D., Corporate Anthropologist, President, Simon Associates Management Consultants

Moderated by Cliff Holekamp, Olin Business School, Academic Director of Entrepreneurship

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For more information, email emba@wustl.edu, or call 314-935-EMBA (314-935-3622).