Skandalaris Center hosts competition for emerging St. Louis innovators to pitch ideas and win cash prizes.

Eighteen female and minority entrepreneurs competed June 5, 2019 at the Cortex Innovation Hall for a chance to win a $200 cash prize as a part of the first Ascend 2020 IdeaBounce®, hosted by the Skandalaris Center. The budding entrepreneurs pitched their ideas for new ventures in front of a panel of St. Louis business owners.  

The winners include:  

Tiffany Garry for Peaks & Valleys Cafe, a company focused on changing communities one meal at a time through providing a meal to someone in need every time a meal is purchased.  

Bryon Pierson for EDURAIN, an online platform and app that helps students file the FAFSA, identify and apply for scholarships, and find housing at school.

Michelle Robinson for DEMI blue, an organic 7-well-known-toxins-free, vegan-friendly nail polish.

Wendy Todd for Carbon, a digital platform that engages the black community on issues of emotional health, wellbeing, resilience and life strategies.

Susan Terrill for Frigga’s Fiber Arts Studio, a sustainable children’s clothing line created by artisan seamstresses recovering from PTSD from sex trafficking.

The event was a part of JPMogran Chase’s “Ascend 2020” program, which provides opportunities for female and minority entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and receive feedback, with the aim of helping women and people of color create and grow their businesses.  

IdeaBounce® is an online platform and event hosted by the Skandalaris Center where entrepreneurs can share their ideas while forming connections with potential investors, local startups and fellow entrepreneurs in the St. Louis community. The next IdeaBounce® will be held 5:30-7:00PM on September 12, 2019 in the Skandalaris Center, Mallinckrodt Rm 128.  

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