Lora Ivanova (AB 03) wanted to make STD testing easier. So she developed an at-home option aimed at eliminating key barriers to testing: cost, inconvenience, and stigma.

Ivanova has never let fear of the unknown stop her from seizing opportunity. Not when she left her native Bulgaria to attend Washington University on a full scholarship and not when after graduation, she picked up and moved to Los Angeles. That’s where she became interested in how stigma makes it difficult for partners to bring up sexual health. Ivanova and her co-founder, Ursula Hessenflow, began looking into how they might change the perception of getting tested for STDs.  

In the article, Ivanova quotes some sobering statistics: less than 50% of Americans ages 18 to 44 are screened for sexual diseases beyond HIV, and half of all sexually active people will contract a sexual disease by the time they turn 25.

Armed with this information, Ivanova disrupted the STD testing industry by developing myLAB Box , an at-home test that allows users to accurately screen themselves without going to a clinic. The new model allows them to maintain anonymity, and at a much lower cost, increasing the likelihood that people will get tested.

Looking ahead, Ivanova aims to continue disrupting outdated healthcare systems with new technology to make them more consumer-friendly.

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