St. Louis startup GiftAMeal is expanding to Kansas City with a new chain restaurant partnership. Washington University in St. Louis alum Andrew Glantz founded GiftAMeal in 2015 while he was still a student.


According to an article in Startland News:

GiftAMeal, a mobile app that allows users to take photos of food for charity, has announced it is teaming up with the St. Louis-based regional chain Lion’s Choice (with locations through Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas).

Here’s how it works: For every picture taken, a meal is provided to a local hunger-relief nonprofit. If guests share the image on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, an additional meal is supplied.

Lion’s Choice customers can now use GiftAMeal to add to the 600,000 meals already donated through Glantz’s startup.

With over 40,000 users, GiftAMeal’s partnership with Lion’s Choice represents a growing community dedicated to fighting hunger with technology.

According to the article, Glanz hopes to build relationships with other Kansas City restaurants, then use that model to scale up and expand into other cities across the U.S.

Glantz credits his time spent at Washington University in St. Louis with helping him hone his entrepreneurial skills, learning from professors and peers alike what it takes to launch a successful startup.

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