Washington University inventors and entrepreneurs Jennifer and Jonathon Silva were recently featured in BBC’s Digital Planet.

Jonathon is an associate professor of biomedical engineering in the McKelvey School of Engineering. Jennifer is associate professor of pediatrics and pediatric cardiology and director of pediatric electrophysiology in the School of Medicine. With their company, Sentiar, the couple has developed a hologram that visualizes a patient’s heart in 3D in the operating room.

The augmented reality (AR) platform featuring a real-time holographic visualization of the patient’s actual anatomy “floating” over the patient during the surgery.

The visualization is fully controllable “hands-free” by the clinician, providing an ergonomic breakthrough for the treatment and analysis of cardiac arrhythmias within an interventional catheter lab environment.

SentiAR is developing the platform for eventual FDA submission.

Watch the video at BBC.