City Garden in Midwest tech hub St. Louis

CNN highlights St. Louis as a city of innovation and growth

St. Louis has quietly evolved into one of the high-tech hubs of the Midwest.

Recently, CNN shined a spotlight on St. Louis and Kansas City as cities experiencing rebirths. Here some of what they had to say about St. Louis:

While spurning the “silicon” label adopted by so many Bay Area upstarts, St. Louis has quietly evolved into one of the high-tech hubs of the Midwest.

Boeing, Unisys and Hudson’s Bay Company are among the many companies that expanded their tech operations in St. Louis in recent years, and tech recruiting portal has reported several times that the city is among the fastest-growing in the United States for new jobs in the tech sector.

The city on the Mississippi River is pulsating with energy once again. Young people are flocking to the city in search of jobs — and interesting things to do in their off hours.

“When I first moved here in the late 1980s,” said local radio star Charlie Brennan, “I would be the only person walking around downtown St. Louis in the evenings or on weekend mornings.

“You never saw mothers pushing a stroller or people jogging. Now there’s a lot of life downtown — especially young people and students. They used to roll up the sidewalks at five o’clock, but not anymore.”

Author Amanda Doyle, who has written several books about St. Louis, also feels a sense of rebirth.

“I’ve always found it an easy place to make a big deal out of whatever crazy scheme you want to pursue,” Doyle said.

“There is a supportive community of civic-minded creators here, and it’s not just in the tech and innovation-disruptor communities. It’s also hands-on artists and craftspeople and musicians and brewers and writers and aldermen and urban farmers and so on. I’ve always been amazed to see the spirit of collaboration, rather than flat-out competition, that seems to rule here.”

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