The St. Louis Business Journal recently reported WashU alumnus David Karandish raises $8.4 million for his AI-powered Chatbot.

The St. Louis-based company found the large majority of its private and angel donors from within the region. With the funds, Karandish plans to accelerate the commercialization of the platform and will double the existing 35 employees over the next year to 18 months.

Headshot of David Karandish, founder of

After raising the money in a Series A investment round, Karandish has now formally launched his company, Jane.AI—a ChatBot powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Jane, as users informally call the bot, is an electronic teammate used to eliminate the hassle and wasted time of searching for basic workplace information. If employees have a question, they can message Jane and she will draw from a supplied knowledge base to promptly answer them in natural language. If she doesn’t know the answer, the question will be flagged, a fellow employee will answer the question, and Jane will store the answer for later use.

Meet Karandish and his Chatbot, Jane.