Jeff Platt, BSBA’06, has grown his company Sky Zone into a $300 million business.

Jeff Platt

Jeff Platt, BSBA’06, has run the indoor trampoline park company Sky Zone since he was 22. A decade later, Sky Zone is a $300 million franchise with 176 parks in 6 countries. The company saw $50 million in corporate revenue last year and this year will see 25 million people visit one of the franchise’s many parks. But Jeff isn’t done. He’s still looking for ways to innovate and adapt in order to stay ahead of the competition – the sky’s the limit.

The company was originally founded by Jeff’s father, Rick Platt, in 2002. With one location in Las Vegas, Jeff’s father set out to create a new professional sport played indoors on trampolines. The concept failed, but the company switched gears by opening the trampoline park to the public, charging customers to come in and play.

Jeff pitched the business idea in an entrepreneurship class during the spring of his junior year at WashU. With help from the Skandalaris Center and his classmates, Jeff worked with investors and made connections within the St. Louis business community. A little over a year later, Jeff graduated and opened a Sky Zone in Chesterfield, just outside of St. Louis. With invaluable experience from mentors and a lot of learning as he went along, Jeff ran the operation and continued expanding the business into what it is today.

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