A recent Forbes article recognized St. Louis for its innovation renaissance, due in part to the Cortex Innovation Community

Located in St. Louis’s Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods, Cortex houses 425 companies and institutional tenants and employs 6,000 workers. With over $950 million in investments and  4 million square feet of space, Cortex is a hub of entrepreneurship and R&D, and attracts both startups and major firms. 

Projections show that Cortex will house 600 companies and employ more than 15,000 permanent employees. This growth is expected to yield 20,000 jobs for the greater St. Louis economy, bringing in-demand technology jobs to the region.

Research and innovation are central to Cortex’s mission. It was founded by leading St. Louis research institutions, including Washington University in St. Louis. Cortex aims to capture the commercial benefits of corporate and university research in the region.

Cortex focuses on cutting-edge development in disruptive industries including artificial intelligence, big data, cyber security, geospatial, and fintech. 

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