Get your business started or develop your innovation with the help of resources at Washington University in St. Louis. When you’re ready to get rolling, here are the ways to do it.

Transfer technology with help from the Office of Technology Management

The Office of Technology Management (OTM) assists members of Washington University in St. Louis in the transfer of technology to private companies for the benefit of society while generating income to support research and education. OTM manages a wide variety of intellectual properties arising from research programs throughout Washington University.

Get assistance from the Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property Clinic

The Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property (EIP) Clinic at the Washington University School of Law serves clients who meet certain qualifications with free services around forming and running a business, patenting and trademarking. Nonprofit organizations may qualify for assistance as may for-profit entities that are connected with a school or program within Washington University.

Lease Space in Cortex

Cortex is an innovation community of 200 acres, formed by Washington University and area partners to capture the commercial benefits of university and regional corporate research for St. Louis. Cortex offers customizable lab and office space for rent, proximity to world-class research institutions, availability of a highly-trained workforce and access to venture capital.


Undergraduate Students

Start a business on campus

The Student Entrepreneurial Program (StEP) provides a unique opportunity for students to own and operate a business on campus, allowing students to apply what they learn in the classroom to their own business ventures.


Graduate Students and Postdocs

The clinic provides students with hands-on training in all aspects of legal practice related to nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurial endeavors, social enterprise and startup entities, and intellectual property matters. The opportunity to work as a student attorney in the EIP Clinic exposes students to the practice of law in a full-service law firm.

Join the BALSA student group

BALSA is a student-led strategic consulting firm founded and led by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The group provides its members with opportunities to explore the business side of science and technology through strategic consulting engagements.

Join the Technology Transfer Trainee program

The program exposes trainees to a broad range of technology-transfer-related activities to help them acquire skills and experience in the commercial development of research discoveries.


Faculty and Staff

Focus on development and commercialization with the Quick Start License

The Quick Start initiative aims to foster the formation of new startup companies based on technologies created at Washington University in St. Louis. It is a simplified process that will allow faculty to focus on the development and commercialization of products; it is meant to streamline the contract negotiation process.

Get guidance from the Office of Sponsored Research Services Grant Team

The grant team aims to facilitate, assist, guide and support faculty and administrative personnel in all aspects of their work associated with research administration.

Engage the support of the Joint Research Office for Contracts

The Joint Research Office for Contracts (JROC) supports faculty engaged in research university-wide. The JROC facilitates the timely execution of federal and foundation grants and contracts, industry-supported research agreements, industry supported clinical trials, service agreements and other research-related agreements.

Learn & Contribute to How New Medicines are Discovered

The Center for Research Innovation in Biotechnology (CRIB) was founded at Washington University in St Louis within the vibrant Cortex Innovation District to develop further knowledge about FDA-approved medicines and to expand this knowledge to include other FDA-approved biomedical products, including vaccines and medical devices. CRIB investigators are also deepening our knowledge of the scientific, medical and commercial evolution of FDA-approved products.