David Patterson Silver Wolf, associate professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, has co-founded the St. Louis-based startup Takoda.

The company is developing a suite of technology tools that use data to help addiction and behavioral health professionals monitor both treatment efficacy and patient recovery.

Takoda’s first product, PsychoSocial Sync, is being used in treatment clinics throughout the St. Louis region. The product’s dashboard displays real-time performance indicators that help therapists evaluate treatment effectiveness and recovery progress. In a key feature of the tool, self-reported data and digital biomarkers are collected from the patient’s smartphone and sent to the therapist’s dashboard, which can then be used to develop targeted interventions.

Native American man wearing a dark suit coat and white shirt poses against a backdrop of green trees.
Patterson Silver Wolf

In helping to develop the company’s suite of tools, Patterson Silver Wolf called upon his 15 years of experience treating addiction, along with his experience investigating how to implement evidence-based practices in the clinical environment. 

WashU alums Ken Zheng and Michael Chang, both graduates of the McKelvey School of Engineering, also are on the Takoda team.  

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