Deborah Gorman, BFA ’02, never studied writing, but she definitely has a way with words, especially when describing the flavors of her vegan sorbet brand, Sorbabes.

“Peanut butter banana is one of my favorite [flavors] because I’m a huge peanut butter fan,” she says. “We make a peanut-butter-banana base, and mix in a fudge ripple with salted peanuts. When you eat it, it has layers of peanut butter, then you get the sweet banana, then chocolate fudge, and crunchy peanuts at the end. For me, flavors have to have a trajectory.”

While some have described Sorbabes as the sorbet equivalent of Ben and Jerry’s with their chunky mix-ins, Gorman and Nicole Cardone, her business partner, know they have something unlike anything else on the market. “I think a lot of people like our sorbet because it’s very complex. It has layers of textures and flavor that no other sorbet in the market has,” Gorman says.

While Cardone has the business background, Gorman is the creative developer. She oversees production, researches and develops new flavors, designs all of Sorbabes’ visuals, and manages marketing. Sorbabes started from a little farm stand in the Hamptons, selling its pints for $14 just to cover the cost of materials. People would line up for blocks to buy it, and that’s how Gorman and Cardone knew they could launch this product to be something more. And they were right. Currently Sorbabes is sold in grocery stores throughout the country and online at

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