Venture capital research firm PitchBook recently named Washington University as one of the top schools in the world producing VC-backed entrepreneurs. The ranking is featured in the PitchBook Universities Report: 2015-16.

From the St. Louis Business Journal:

The report found that more often than not, the connections made at the collegiate level often direct the path for startups moving forward.

“There’s a fairly strong case to be made that often it’s not even the degree you graduate with but the personal connections you make in your time at school that determine your future,” the report said. “For entrepreneurs this is especially true.”

This holds true at Washington University, where the university has made strides in integrating its students with the local entrepreneurial community by setting up offices and classroom space in co-working spaces such as the Downtown T-REX incubator or housings its Office of Technology Management in the @4240 building in the Cortex innovation district.

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