photo credit: Duckchar

Washington University in St. Louis alum Davi Reznick (MBA 16) and his brother Josh Reznick were featured in Feast Magazine for their startup DUCKCHAR, a St. Louis-based company that supplies individuals and restaurants with Moulard duck.

DUCKCHAR aims to introduce Moulard duck, a variety that boasts a deep color and flavor similar to steak, to the palates of St. Louisians and people across the U.S. through the business’s online ordering platform.

Davi discovered the unique and succulent Moulard duck while abroad in France, where Moulard is a staple in grocery stores and restaurants. Back in the U.S., Davi went on the hunt for Moulard duck and quickly realized it was not readily available to the average American consumer. While getting his Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis, Davi founded DUCKCHAR with his brother Josh to bring Moulard duck to the masses.

As they started researching supply chains, they found that very few farms in North America raise Moulard ducks, so they decided to go back to the source. Davi flew to France to learn more about the local industry of duck farming. While there, he also established contacts that, as their business developed, proved to be greatly beneficial.

Davi and Josh’s goal is to introduce the American public to Moulard and to show people that duck is not only a meal for fancy nights out but also a great addition to one’s homecooking repertoire. DUCKCHAR products are available in select St. Louis grocery stores, but the majority of the company’s business is done online. Josh Reznick points out that the company’s location in St. Louis is a plus: being in the middle of the country allows them to deliver almost anywhere in the U.S. in a week.

DUCKCHAR’s flagship products are the Moulard duck breast and duck fat, but they also offer prosciutto, pastrami, and bacon (all made from Moulard duck breast), and Moulard duck legs. The website also includes recipe videos that guide novice duck chefs through the surprisingly easy process of preparing this meat. If you order soon, you can save 10% on the Holiday Box, a special wintertime bundle that includes the best of what DUCKCHAR has to offer.

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