After graduation from Olin, Mike Harding (BSEN 14, MBA 16) landed a job at an insurance company. But the entrepreneurial urge was strong and Harding soon found himself working on a new venture in his off hours.

That new venture became Let’s Roam, which he founded with his brother, Charlie. Let’s Roam is a scavenger-hunt tour company that helps participants explore their surroundings while also collaborating with others. Every scavenger hunt features a combination of questions, facts, and photo challenges through a smartphone app. The challenges facilitate teamwork, with everyone coming together to complete the hunt. Harding sees the scavenger hunts as a medium that unites people through travel and exploration.

While studying at Olin, Harding benefited from the expertise of economics professor John Horn and entrepreneurship professor Cliff Holekamp. They taught him the importance of finding a viable market and that the simplest idea can grow into a successful company. These mentors gave Harding the insight and skills necessary to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship.

Currently, Let’s Roam features scavenger hunt tours in more than 300 cities, from St. Louis to Sydney and has hosted corporate scavenger hunts for major companies like Nike, Amazon and Google. Harding’s next step is to expand Let’s Roam to include ghost hunts, food tours and bar hunts and to continue growing his team.

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