Washington University in St. Louis alums Noah Offenkrantz (AB ‘20) and Ben Green (BSBA ‘20 ) were interviewed by Sauce Magazine about their startup Find Your Farmer, a St. Louis-based online marketplace where customers can have locally sourced food delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Find Your Farmer aims to grow stronger bonds between St. Louisans and local farmers. This is the concept that motivated CEO Offenkrantz to pursue the idea with Green after their graduation in May 2020.

CFO Green sees this venture as especially significant in today’s climate. In the article, he notes that due to the pandemic, a lot of farmers are struggling and need ways to diversify their revenue. Find Your Farmer offers a new income stream while allowing farmers to connect directly to the consumer.

Find Your Farmer is planning to stay open through the winter and offers products such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, and meats, as well as seasonal items.

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