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A physician at Washington University School of Medicine has founded a startup that is developing cancer-fighting viruses.

David Curiel: Physician at WashU School of Medicine and Startup Founder

Dr. David Curiel is the Director of Cancer Biology and Director of Biology Therapeutics at the Washington University School of Medicine. His startup, Unleash Immuno Oncolytics, is developing viruses that would stop cancers from outsmarting the immune system, allowing it to fight against the cancerous cells. This treatment is less harmful to the body than traditional methods of chemotherapy or radiation. Currently, Unleash is developing viruses to combat ovarian cancer and cancer that has metastasized.

Unleash recently secured a $3 million investment from a Japanese pharmaceutical company. This investment is an encouraging sign for other innovative startups in the St. Louis region, which would also benefit from an influx of global capital.

While Unleash is still in the initial trial stages, they look forward to working with other pharmaceutical companies and investment groups, in St. Louis and beyond, to save lives.

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