Cliff Holekamp, Washington University in St. Louis’ first full-time professor of entrepreneurship, retired from his teaching position on June 30th.  

Holekamp began his affiliation with the university as an MBA student in 1999. After launching a startup as a student, Holekamp became a professor of entrepreneurship, teaching classes in the Olin School of Business for nearly 12 years. 

Holekamp has been an invaluable asset to the WashU community. Since becoming a faculty member in 2008, he has created 14 entrepreneurship courses, co-developed the entrepreneurship minor, partnered with numerous off-campus incubators for his classes, and given thousands of students the tools and connections they needed to follow their business ventures.

The catalyst for Holekamp’s retirement was his realization that he was torn between teaching and another passion — Cultivation Capital, the St. Louis-based venture capital firm he cofounded. Post-retirement he will work at Cultivation Capital full-time.

Holekamp’s presence as an insightful and positive influence on budding entrepreneurs and a pioneer in entrepreneurial education will be missed.  

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