Eleven WashU student- and recent alumni-led ventures are set to compete in the Spring 2021 Skandalaris Venture Competition (SVC) for a chance to win up to $22,500 in awards.

This year saw a record-setting number of applicants to SVC with 69 ventures reviewed. On April 26, the finalists will pitch to a distinguished panel of judges for a chance to win funding to launch or expand their ventures.

Meet the Spring 2021 Skandalaris Venture Competition (SVC) finalists:

Their ventures are:

allows patients to find physicians based on shared identities, communication styles, and personal characteristics. Havisha Pedamallu (BA ‘20) and Matt Millett.

Closet Switch is an online and mobile platform that makes getting trendy clothes affordable and social by facilitating nationwide clothing trades between high school and college-aged girls. Chiara Munzi (BS ‘23) and Cosima Munzi.

Compass is a free SMS-based medical triage platform that aims to increase accessibility to healthcare services while simultaneously reducing clinician overhead. Prathamesh Chati (AB ’22), Tejas Sekhar (AB), Jessika Baral (AB ’20), Aadit Shah (BS ’19), Surabhi Mundada, Neha Venkatesh, Bhaw Jain, and Atharv Oak.

Culture and Avenue is an online E-commerce marketplace for buying and selling handmade, custom-made, and repurposed apparel, health/beauty products, and art/home decor centered around Black and Latinx urban culture, communities, and current trends. Tony Sims II (BSBA ‘22) and Luke Lamb (’21).

EDUrain is a college student financing platform that bridges a critical gap in the $12B+ student housing marketplace. Arron Zheng (BS ’22).

Greenlight is a website extension that grades, recommends, and rewards sustainable purchasing habits. Julian Neuman (BS ‘21) and Evan O’Connor.

Hive Medical Inc. improves medication adherence for a specific treatment called outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT). Joe Beggs (BS ‘20).

Integra Medical Solutions has developed a low-cost, easy-to-use standalone EKG device for cardiac patients in developing countries. William Gozlan (BS ‘22) and Arman Serpen (BS ’22).

Jellie Rhodes is an algorithm that personalizes ACT and SAT training for high school students. Angelica Harris (BSBA ‘21).

SafeBeat aims to expand access to life-saving heart rhythm medications. Rachita Navara (Graduate Medical School ‘21) and Kunj Patel.

Salentra Bioscience aims to manufacture, distribute, and provide a drug screening platform with research-grade stem cell-derived beta cells to industry and academic labs generating innovative solutions to study and combat diabetes. Leonardo Velazco-Cruz (Graduate Medical School ‘21) and Punn Augsornworawat.