Andy Dearing, CEO of startup Boundless, on why St. Louis is a hub for entrepreneurial activity.

Home to a number of colleges, including Washington University in St. Louis, startup incubators like T-REX, and funding opportunities like Arch Grants, the city has become a hospitable entrepreneurial environment.

Dearing recently moved his startup Boundless to St. Louis. According to Dearing, one reason St. Louis is now a metropolitan hub with “remarkable opportunity” is due to its low cost of living compared to the outrageously expensive areas on the coast. According to Census Bureau data as examined by FiveThirtyEight, though it is the 20th most populous city in the nation, St. Louis has the second highest nationwide increase in the number of startups less than a year old. Dearing says the success of local startups can be attributed in part to the fact that companies located outside of tech centers like Silicon Valley are more eager to prove themselves with solid business plans and determination.

Additionally, the presence of established geospatial analysis firms in St. Louis has encouraged similar geospatial startups to emerge in the city. Among their number are Andy Dearing’s startup Boundless, an open source geospatial software company, and Aerial Insights, a drone-based information provider.

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